High Country American Single Malt X Rocks Glasses

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Experience a limited release and a best-seller.
- 1 bottle High Country American Single Malt
- 2 Rocks Glasses

Please note: Due to individual states laws regarding the shipment of spirits, High West can ship to Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and District of Columbia.

Fig jam on toast points, whole grain waffles with honey drizzle, cracked walnut shells, dried wildflowers, cedar

Honeyed cereal, crème caramel custard, almond macaroons, toasted biscuits with herbal jelly, subtle banana taffy

Cola, chocolate wafer, ginger marmalade

Best enjoyed neat or with a few drops of water while appreciating a magnificent western vista.

ABV: 44%
Proof: 88

ABV 44%

100% base malt;
Tri-Malt: 85% base malt, 14% caramel 60 malt, 1% chocolate malt