The Prisoner's Share


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"The act of painting is about one heart telling another heart where he found salvation.”- Francisco Goya

A distinctive blend of aged straight rye and straight bourbon whiskeys, finished in The Prisoner Red Blend wine barrels to highlight the sophisticated notes of raspberry jam, toasted mahogany, crème brûlée, black pepper, cherry cola, and French oak spice character. Decadent. Indulgent. Unforgettable.

Limited availability – 2 bottles per order

Please note: Due to individual states laws regarding the shipment of spirits, High West can ship to Alaska, Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and District of Columbia.


Honey-roasted figs, apricot jam on grilled brioche, black pepper, coconut pound cake, French oak spice, caramel drizzled over blood orange slices


Cherry Blossom, pomegranate, macerated prunes, dried violets, ginger beer, dark mead, toasted cedar chips

ABV 51%

How to Enjoy

We recommend that you enjoy this spirit neat to fully experience its rather curious combination of flavors.


Nutritional Information: PER 1.5 FL OZ. AVERAGE ANALYSIS: CALORIES 97, CARBS 0g, PROTEIN 0g, FAT 0g