High West Cask Strength Bourbon


Total $69.99

A blend of straight bourbon and straight rye whiskeys ranging in age from 6-10 years, blended and specially selected from the mountains of Utah.

Due to individual states laws regarding the shipment of spirits, High West can ship to Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and District of Columbia.


Orange peel, grilled peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, white chocolate covered apricot, sarsaparilla, maple bar picnic in an old growth forest


Concord grape, cooked plantain with agave nectar drizzle, Tarte Tatin, fine leather jacket


Boysenberry jam on shortbread, dark honey, sandalwood

How to Enjoy: 

Neat or with a splash of water

ABV/PROOF: 59.9%, 117.4%

ABV 58.7%

Back Label Story

You hold in your hands a true whiskey treat-a dram that is both rare and exceptionally delicious! Each of the Cask Strength offerings by High West are the result of meticulous sensory evaluation and blending of select lots of straight whiskey. The outcome yields uncompromised balance, complexity, and depth of flavor. Whether sipped neat or stirred into a cocktail, this whiskey is a rare experience sure to delight any whiskey lover.